COVID-19 – Teaching Online

A curated list of useful links found on Twitter and elsewhere about preparing to teach online as a result of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Thoughts & Resources for Those About to Start Teaching Online Due to COVID-19

A Guide for CUNY Instructors

NYU Shanghai – Digital Teaching Toolkit

Teaching Remotely in Time of Need

HASTAC – Teaching in the context of COVID-19

Advice to those about to teach online because of the corona-virus

40+ Tools for Distance Learning (A response to COVID-19)

Digital Studies 101

Twitter Thread – Online Courses Advice

How to Be a Better Online Teacher

Ensuring continuity of learning during enforced absence

Being human in a time of crisis

Distance learning solutions to mitigate COVID-19 school closures

Dr. Paige Harden – Twitter Thread



Jess Perriam – Twitter Thread

Online Learning: Some Notes for Going Online Midsemester

Swiftly Moving Online – Coronavirus Response – NIDL – DCU

Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start

Eamon Costello – Twitter Thread

So You Want to Temporarily Teach Online

If I wanted to teach online, I wouldn’t start here

The COVID-19 online pivot – Martin Weller

How to Quickly Adapt to Teaching Online

Online learning: ugly duckling or black swan?–ugly-duckling-or-black-swan-

Technology Tools for Teaching in Higher Education, The Practical Handbook Series

Creating an Online Community, Class or Conference – Quick Tech Guide

How to Pivot to Online Learning in the Event of a Campus Shut Down

Open University – OpenLearn – Take your teaching online

Inside View: 10 Tips for Effective Online Teaching

Padlet – NIDL: Top Tips for Getting Started Teaching Online

Tech against Coronavirus

Videoconferencing Alternatives: How Low-Bandwidth Teaching Will Save Us All