Mark Brown

Who’s Zoomin’ Who? – Special Episode – Mark Brown

In this first Summer Special Episode featuring a slightly longer conversation with Professor Mark Brown who talks about building leadership capacity in the sector, the generosity that was demonstrated during the COVID19 crisis, overcoming the deficit language around online education, lessons learned from MOOCs and the promise of micro-credentials. Posited through a lens that looks at both the similarities and some of the differences between his native New Zealand and his Irish home.

With some crystal ball gazing and looking towards September and beyond Mark also talks about the “new norm” and how the “digital dimension” can be part of the solution for both our immediate and longer-term challenges.  He also offers a defence for the traditional lecture and talks to culture and becoming a social learning organisation.

Ken mostly nods in agreement and is trying to keep his umming and ahhing problem in check while reminiscing about the College Bar and occasionally offering some insights into his own educational philosophy.

Sometimes funny, mostly serious, but hopefully entertaining.

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