Hazel Farrell

Who’s Zoomin’ Who? – 16 – Hazel Farrell

In episode 16 (Season 2 Episode 2) of Who’s Zoomin’ Who? WIT lecturer Hazel Farrell talks about developing a new online music module, her experience of teaching online before, during and perhaps after the pandemic. Screen-free weeks for students, an examination of assessment and how sometimes less is more also form that basis for this conversation.

Hazel also talks about the recent National Forum funded webinar that she hosted featuring Bryan Mathers form Visual Thinkery. With some suggestions for a classical music pandemic playlist, Hazel once again extolls the virtues of minimalism.

Ken is pretty much the same as always but the umming and ahhing has noticeably improved.

WIT Profile: https://www.wit.ie/about_wit/contact_us/staff_directory/hazel_farrell
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hazel-farrell-83232bb7/
Twitter: @renshigirl

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