Tom Farrelly (Part Deux)

Who’s Zoomin’ Who? – 17 – Tom Farrelly (Part Deux)

After begging me for the best part of a year, I finally relented and asked him to talk to me again. Tom Farrelly is back to talk about #GastaGoesGlobal​ 2 – One Year On which is being held on Tuesday 13th April. Reflecting on the year that was, what worked and what didn’t and what all this might mean for the future of online teaching and learning. This time he knows each of the speakers talks about last year and speculates on what they might bring this time. With an appearance from SAMR, OER, Creative Commons and a smattering of other TLAs – Tom shares both his EdTech and education philosophy.

Ken mostly laughs, pokes fun at Tom but occasionally makes some sense but says absolutely far too many times!

#GastaGoesGlobal​ 2
Twitter: @TomFarrelly

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